Murdock, a 2016 F800GS Adventure, has taken on Archer’s role as the main workhorse. Call me impaitent, but I found that a lot of the exploring that I wanted to be able to do I could not do as efficiently with a motorcycle, like Archer, designed only for the street. Murdock will eventually go on and pioneer the way towards many adventures out in areas inaccessible to most motorcyclists in the years yet to come.



Archer, a 2013 F800GT was the largest partner in a lot of my motorcycle adventures. Named after Captain Archer from Star Trek (yes, I am a nerd as well), he was intended to be the first of many to come in the following years, truly opening the doors to exploration. Archer’s size and agility made it probably one of the best motorcycles to become comfortable with and to clock over 36,000 miles on in well under three years. From exploring the motorcycle roads of Southern California to travelling the historic Pacific Coast Highway, Archer will forever remain in my personal history books as the motorcycle that really put me out there.

IMG_0019 (3)

The Magna

A 1984 Honda V45 Magna, the V4 engine was probably a bit more than what I should have started on. Say what you will about V4 motorcycles, it is still a particular treat for me to have a Harley pull up alongside you and then be absolutely baffled as to why you left him at the stoplight. The Magna will always hold a soft place in my heart as it was my first motorcycle in addition to the amount of work I had to put into it to get it running again after sitting in storage for over 13 years. Carrying that much sentimental value, the Magna remains much of a personal icon.