Day 4: 4,892

2,494  words written
+ 2,398
   4,892 total words written (Par: 6,666)

Today was a good day. Would have been better if I could have slept in for longer, but I had to call into work early to check in after last night’s event so that I could have the rest of the day off. Tried going back to sleep afterwards but at that point the sky was awake so I was too.

While I drank my morning coffee I played video games for a short bit. After that, I geared up into writing mode. I don’t know when exactly I got started, but I remember looking at the time and seeing that it was only 9am and thinking, “Wow, its still early. It feels like it should be much later already.”

received_10153866454526123I live on the top floor of my apartments and have a respectable patio with a sturdy  steel rail fencing it in. Just so happens that its the perfect size and shape for a hammock… It was a little cooler out this morning so I put on some warm and comfy clothes, grabbed my laptop, and went to writing out in my hammock.

I don’t know how long I was writing for in the hammock but I managed to write 1,732 words. I stopped because I was thirsty in addition to the regular daily goal of 1,667 was my goal to do before I could go out and do anything else. Finishing that, it was time to run a few errands.

Getting back from errands, I relaxed a bit further by putting on an episode of Dark Matter. Netflix, curse you for feeding a binging addiction. Of all months too.. After that, it was time to make cheesecake for a get-together tomorrow with friends.

While I waited for the cheesecake to finish baking, I set a timer for a word sprint and cranked out another 762 words. Thought about trying to do more, but that didn’t really happen. At this point, I am only 1,774 words behind but by midnight tonight it will be 3,441.

Which brings me to the lessons learned for today… Yes, you may have more time the next day to write than you did the last, but the work that you didn’t do only adds on. I overlooked that. Its easy to go, “Oh, I will get to it tomorrow.” Well its tomorrow, and its as unsympathetic as gravity.