Between Knowledge and Belief

Image result for sacred geometry in the atomIn our modern world, we have knowledge and we have beliefs. Knowledge consists of facts and information gained through experience, either by ourselves or by others that is backed by irrefutable evidence. Beliefs are the acceptance that something is true or exists without factual certainty, either because we are unable or unwilling to test those beliefs. There is a third element that lies between knowledge and belief that most of us fail to realize. The element that all knowledge was held as a belief until it was proven.

Growing up, I had a falling-out with religion and later became strictly atheist. In this I became biased against beliefs and only trusted in the facts. If something was not yet a fact, then one day it either would be proven or it would not. Such is the process of the scientific method. But when you think about it, even the scientific method has a loose basis in belief. You have to believe in a potential outcome, your hypothesis, that can be tested to either be true or untrue. If you did not believe in the hypothesis even just a little bit, you would not have ventured on to testing it.

There is a balance between knowledge and belief which some of us realize. It is growing harder however to practice this balance as there seems to be a wedge being driven between the two. This has been happening since the Renaissance to where today topics that dwell in the realm of spirituality are considered taboo by science. The duality of having either one or the other is disharmonious as not everything is able to be proven nor will everything that people believe end up being true.

A belief is nothing more than an untested or untestable hypothesis. Isaac Newton had this as he was developing the Laws of Motion and the Theory of Gravity. Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity and the list goes on… Granted, these are very macro-scale events for the scientific community but they originated as a personally held belief by someone at some point. The original ideas backing these concepts no doubt originated long before these great figureheads of science came along and put their names on them. The difference is that in their time, they finally possessed the necessary resources in order to properly test them.

There still remains a great and many things that we are unable to properly test. No doubt things will remain that way for long after we all pass. Each and every one of us has our own theories and beliefs that one day could possibly end up as being true. The catch here though is that there is a big difference in the beliefs that could be true and the ones that we wish could be true. Whether we lean more towards science or religion, each of us must be mindful of the plausibility of reality that we accept these ideas with an inquisitive, but open, mind.



Day 3: 2,398

0 words written
+ 2,398
    2,398 total words written (Par: 5,001)

Today I slacked. I slacked a lot but for understandable reasons. At least I think so…

I slept in until 6am (yes! I know! I whole hour!) even though it didn’t really feel like I did, got up and made my coffee. Instead of sitting down and writing though, I plopped down and caught up on some news. That was what I used to do before starting NaNoWriMo.

Went to work which I knew was going to be a short day because we would be having a formal event later that evening. Even though it was a shorter day it was a lot of running around, appointments to be made, and last minute things to get taken care of. After all, it was my last day at work for almost two weeks.

Got off work at 10am, went home, and played video games. I’d been hitting things rather hard both at work and in my personal life so it was good relaxing. Not quite writing relaxing, but the absent-minded I-just-need-to-vegetate-for-awhile kind of relaxing.

Tried putting my daughter down for a nap around 1pm. I napped instead. After that, it was time to start getting things ready to go to my work event which would last the rest of the evening.

By the time I got home, it was a little after 10pm. Yup, no writing would be occurring now. Too tired. But hey, I have the next two weeks of staycationing to catch up.

Lesson of today: It’s okay to take breaks during NaNoWriMo. Yes, you will miss out on the fancy little 30 day badge you can earn, but that is not worth sacrificing your sanity for. Pick your battles where you can wisely and it makes the month and the writing a lot more enjoyable.

Confidence in Your Abilities

Unconsciously, every decision that we make, we do so with a certain level of confidence.  I realized this after servicing Murdock when I finally stopped doubting if I did something wrong. After a couple of days of commuting, my confidence was restored.

All I did on my motorcycle was change the oil and tighten the chain. Still need to check the air filter, but that is a project for this weekend… Growing up, my dad taught me how to work with tools. I did all of the oil changes on my car in high school and the first one on my first motorcycle, the Magna, after pulling it out of storage. Tightening a chain? How hard could that be to learn through Google and YouTube?

Lacking knowledge was not my issue. Even for the chain, which I have never dealt with before was easy and straightforward to learn. I am a quick study. It was purely believing in myself and mentally fortifying against any doubts that may arise. The doubts stemmed from not having changed the oil myself in any of my vehicles for over seven years and being around those that would rather pay the $200+ at the dealership to save themselves the time. None of that inspired any form of self-confidence.

The first couple of days I was obsessively checking for any leaks at the bottom of the engine, seeing where my oil level was at, and how much play I had in my chain. Turns out that I have the perfect level of fresh oil in the engine. The chain has the perfect amount of slack in it while the excess drive-train slack has been taken out whenever I shift gears.

Nothing changed on the bike over those couple of days. Nothing change either to really inspire confidence. All I had to do was get used to it. I let the fear of what could happen by me not being “certified” almost prevent anything from happening. Really the only certification that matters is our own confidence. It does not matter what we do, so long as we have confidence in doing it.


Doing Nothing for Something

I missed a day… Not that I did not write in my notebook that I take with me everywhere, but I did not publish it online per my usual nightly routine. But I did so for a reason.

My goals for Write31Days has been to ease into a better writing habit in preparation for NaNoWriMo. I have accomplished that, for which I am thankful for. Being a writer, there are times when you need to take creative breaks. That does not mean to not write. Just shake up the routine a bit to reinvigorate the creative juices that have started to ebb.

I am also realizing that NaNoWriMo will be a much different beast than my simple blogs here. At least I will not immediately be publishing any of my November’s content…

10 Days left. I am starting to get the chills.

Decay of the Family

Once upon a time, we placed valued the family. We would all gather for dinner together, visit places together, just do things together. It was rarely forced. It was enjoyable to spend time with the family. Now though we place value on everything but…

We look down on Generation-Y with a scowl of disapproval. They are lazy, entitled, and uneducated. We blame them for these faults but who taught them all of that in the first place? Better question: What lack of teaching happened?

The most important things today is sex, money, and looking good while doing it. Nobody’s parents are teaching them things. The dad walked out on them before they could remember. The mom, working overtime to make ends meet. Meanwhile, the kid is plugged into the TV at grandma’s while she knits. Who teaches the kids? TV, placing value on the materialistic things in life.

Instead of the hands-off parenting approach, be involved. Even though its easier, avoid resorting to technology to take care of the kids just so you can peruse your social media for the twentieth time that day. Value the family, not technology.

A Bowl of Fruit: A Lesson in Inference

I want you to imagine a bowl of fruit. No doubt you have already glanced at a picture, a painting, or an actual bowl of fruit before. Close your eyes and imagine the bananas, the apples, the grapes, the oranges. All the vivid colors held within a plain bowl set atop a sturdy table.

Why would someone take the time and trouble to encapsulate a bowl of fruit? What does it mean? What is its purpose? What is the artist’s intent? All of these questions have purely subjective answers that we each could come up with a million possible ideas of what we each think it means.

On the other hand, when is a bowl of fruit just a bowl of fruit?

This is probably one of my favorite lessons that I remember from school. It was intended to be a lesson to demonstrate how art can mean different things to different people. This was especially useful given that it was band class. The lesson aided the students by developing a shared understanding that interpretations of music can be vastly different on an individual level. That understanding however helped shape a better consensus within the class and allowed us to make better progress on the musical arrangement we were working on.

I took away something a bit more from the lesson. At the end of the discussion, the teacher ended with: “Sometimes a bowl of fruit is just a bowl of fruit.” I have used that term a lot since then and it has taken on its own meaning for me.

Often we make an inference when we do not possess the full picture, only that which is presented before us. With all of the New Age, hippy, mumbo jumbo floating around and the search for the deeper meaning of things we often infer too much. We totally skip Ockham’s Razor and try grasping at shadows that may or may not actually be there. With everything that goes on in life, we are often peeved at the fact that sometimes the answer is simply boring or uninteresting.

While it is uncommon, sometimes things are exactly as they are without any hidden intent. Sometimes a bowl of fruit is just a bowl of fruit…