There is Always Something to Look Forward Too

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My chariot awaits… Can you imagine a more inviting sight?


Telling a Rider to “Be Safe”

As I am putting on my motorcycle helmet someone usually shouts out, “Be safe!” in a jovial but concerned manner. Well of course, I think to myself. If I wasn’t going to be then I would end up crashing before I even went a mile. Later on, I end up blaring my horn at a careless driver that starts to drift over into my lane. They were texting while driving. Coming up alongside them, I see that it is the same person that told ME to be safe…

Natural selection still exists in motorcycling. The idiots that fly by doing 100+mph wearing little to no gear never survive for long. They either get killed at the expense of their own inexperience and recklessness or suffer injuries significant enough to scare them away leaving room for more riders just like him.

Less often, you see the motorcyclist that looks like he should be in some science fiction movie. These riders are the type that have either put a significant amount of miles down or have had road-rash before. They usually have experience riding in different weather, terrain, and across different types of motorcycles. So how do you tell this type of rider to be even safer?

There is a point with motorcycling where you can only be so safe. Even if you are doing everything right by the safety-nazis, you can still end up pulling the short straw when it comes to a crash. Motorcyclists simply do not have the luxury of being protected by a giant metal cage. Even if the motorcyclist was doing everything right, all it would take is one car to change lanes without checking their blind spot and its over. Car-1, Motorcycle-0.

I see part of the issue being that everyone only blames the motorcycles for being unsafe. Wrong. Unsafe riders make motorcycles unsafe. The same applies to cars, but no one is telling the car drivers to be safe. If you are one of those people, put down the phone, don’t go through the drive-thru, and learn what Bluetooth is…