Where the Wild Ideas Are

One of my problems I encounter every day is taking ideas and making them my own. I see or experience something and rarely am I ever content to just leave it be. I take it, process it, synthesize it, twist it, and make it my own.

We all do this to some degree. Our humor, music choices, clothing styles, our favorite movies… Sadly however, not many of us really take these things and make them our own. We decorate our rooms based off of ideas from Pinterest, we watch movies or TV instead of reading the books and picturing it all for ourselves. In a way, we have become lazy with our imaginations yet we criticize the people who are not. How can you criticize a movie, TV show, a book, or any other imaginative piece when you are not even using your own?

The reason why I started writing was because I still have not seen any of my ideas out there. At the end of the day, the only person that will put them out there is me. Whether I write about them or talk about them, make movies or plays… I have yet to encounter the ignoramus that will say: “Oh! You’re a writer! I have this idea you should write about…” I write about my own ideas, not yours. If you wish to seem them out there, the only one that will make it so is you.

More recently, I think it is ironic how most of the people that you will encounter come off as patronizing as you share some of your ideas with them. The look is similar to how a parent would be listening to their child explain some far-fetched concept that has no basis in reality. They give you this look because that way of thinking was supposed to be stamped out a long time ago when you started becoming a “productive” adult. Either secretly or unwilling to admit to it, they are just jealous.

We get our ideas from that which we surround ourselves with. The people we talk to, the situations we experience, the things we see. Never be afraid to put your spin on another’s idea for then it becomes something completely new and different.


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