Confidence in Your Abilities

Unconsciously, every decision that we make, we do so with a certain level of confidence.  I realized this after servicing Murdock when I finally stopped doubting if I did something wrong. After a couple of days of commuting, my confidence was restored.

All I did on my motorcycle was change the oil and tighten the chain. Still need to check the air filter, but that is a project for this weekend… Growing up, my dad taught me how to work with tools. I did all of the oil changes on my car in high school and the first one on my first motorcycle, the Magna, after pulling it out of storage. Tightening a chain? How hard could that be to learn through Google and YouTube?

Lacking knowledge was not my issue. Even for the chain, which I have never dealt with before was easy and straightforward to learn. I am a quick study. It was purely believing in myself and mentally fortifying against any doubts that may arise. The doubts stemmed from not having changed the oil myself in any of my vehicles for over seven years and being around those that would rather pay the $200+ at the dealership to save themselves the time. None of that inspired any form of self-confidence.

The first couple of days I was obsessively checking for any leaks at the bottom of the engine, seeing where my oil level was at, and how much play I had in my chain. Turns out that I have the perfect level of fresh oil in the engine. The chain has the perfect amount of slack in it while the excess drive-train slack has been taken out whenever I shift gears.

Nothing changed on the bike over those couple of days. Nothing change either to really inspire confidence. All I had to do was get used to it. I let the fear of what could happen by me not being “certified” almost prevent anything from happening. Really the only certification that matters is our own confidence. It does not matter what we do, so long as we have confidence in doing it.



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