Decay of the Family

Once upon a time, we placed valued the family. We would all gather for dinner together, visit places together, just do things together. It was rarely forced. It was enjoyable to spend time with the family. Now though we place value on everything but…

We look down on Generation-Y with a scowl of disapproval. They are lazy, entitled, and uneducated. We blame them for these faults but who taught them all of that in the first place? Better question: What lack of teaching happened?

The most important things today is sex, money, and looking good while doing it. Nobody’s parents are teaching them things. The dad walked out on them before they could remember. The mom, working overtime to make ends meet. Meanwhile, the kid is plugged into the TV at grandma’s while she knits. Who teaches the kids? TV, placing value on the materialistic things in life.

Instead of the hands-off parenting approach, be involved. Even though its easier, avoid resorting to technology to take care of the kids just so you can peruse your social media for the twentieth time that day. Value the family, not technology.


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