The Next Dark Age

Once upon a time, we believed in bright utopias with flying cars and pollution-free buildings. Now though we see dark dystopias wrought with war, famine, and disease. These are all effects of the society that we live in, killing our hopes and dreams.

We are reaching a point of cultural and economic deterioration. Whether it be from the government, society, media, or religion, the effects are compounding at an alarming rate. To really call it another Dark Age would not entirely fit as we are still creating something, but the quality of it is mundane.

The first Dark Age ended when people rediscovered classical philosophy and new ways of thinking were inspired. Music, literature, art, architecture, politics, and science were results of this. We have all of that, but none of it is really new. We just keep recycling the same crap over and over again. Everyone wants the same kind of pop or rap song, the same stuff on their news and social media, no one wants any form of change.

When will everyone wake up?


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