Spiritually Atheist

Growing up I had no choice but to be Mormon. The reason being was because that was the norm no one ever deviated from. My lack of choice coupled with observed hypocrisy and a flair of teenage rebellion started shaping my atheistic views. Being atheist however does not mean that one is not, or cannot be a spiritual person.

Spirituality originates from religion but its basis relies on the purely subjective. Today, spirituality is best summarized as personal experiences focused on finding a deeper meaning to life. It is biased to say that spirituality is tied only to a religious construct. The way I personally define it is that  religion is for the masses while spirituality is for the self. Just because I search for a purpose and a reason to justify my own life does not make me a religious person.

Atheism is easier to define. Atheists reject the idea of god(s) that supposedly created the universe and all the rules in it. The absence of belief. What is commonly misunderstood however is that atheism allegedly rejects all things even remotely religious. Over the years I have realized that such a thing is a ridiculous notion. For to long I rejected anything bearing a semblance to religion because of this misunderstanding.

Certain aspects of life require a level of faith. The aspect of having faith does not automatically deem it religious. If I were to build a machine, based off of what I know and prior experience, I would believe that it would work even though I have not seen it work yet. Without that initial dose of faith, I would be crippled by uncertainty and never bother to build the machine in the first place. The same applies to the scientist whenever he tests a hypothesis. Unfortunately, not everything is as clearly defined or currently testable in order to turn a ‘belief’ into a ‘fact’. Beliefs are merely the untestable or untested aspects that remain to be proven/disproven.Beartooth Chipmuncks.jpg

Because of this, there are a lot of things that I believe that have yet to be proven. My beliefs remain unproven as there is no accurate way to test them but one day there will be. At a quantum level, there is an inter-connectedness of the universe around us that we are barely grasping to understand. In that, I am spiritually atheist.


2 thoughts on “Spiritually Atheist

  1. The relationship with Father, God, and his Messiah are one and the same as man-made religion. Your religion is no exception. That same man-made religion is what turned me away from it. Simply because I consider myself a spiritual person does not mean that I believe in the same fairytales as you do.


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