Sanctity of the Home

No doubt we have all heard of the importance of treating our bodies as sacred. I picked it up from my days of forcibly having to attend church as a youth. The idea does carry a lot of merit though. After all, we do use them every day. More recently however, I realized that the second most used thing has been wholly overlooked: The Home. Being already established in my adult life, I wish I had realized this fact years ago.

The idea is this: In a temple or church, it does not matter what faith or particular sect, would you find clutter, disregarded dishes, clogged drains, and overfilled trash cans? Granted, some of us are neat freaks but for the rest of us mortals the last thing we want to do when we get home is clean. I am willing to bet that the majority of you reading this have some aspect of clutter or a chore that you have been putting off within your own homes right now.

Most of us treat our homes as the storage units of our lives. We accumulate trinkets and bobbles that have no real value other than the memory they remind us of, only these ones take up actual physical space. On the other hand, our homes is a reflection of our own minds, strewn papers as physical manifestations of our thoughts mindlessly roaming around. Rarely are we mindful of our thoughts and rarely are we mindful of our homes.

The importance of respecting the sanctity of the home is in its relation to our daily lives. If you have a cluttered home, you will most likely have a cluttered life. If you do not respect your home, you most likely do not respect yourself. Instead we seek out other places that already possess this sanctity instead of trying to build it on our own. That is often why you feel more at peace at a well kept garden, your church, or a beautiful aspect of nature. Why then can we not create this same sensation within our own homes?

I am not saying to live like neat-freaks with OCD. But honestly, what can you change in your home to where you would enjoy spending time in it more, where it would invigorate you instead of just wanting to fall asleep in it? How much stuff do you have that you have not used in months now? What about that corner where you just let things pile up at and you keep saying that you will organize it eventually but never do?

By treating our homes as sacred, you will eventually embrace that same habit within your daily life. Infuse it with art, plans, anything inspiring, keep it brightly lit, and fill it with positive energy. Make your home your own temple and respect its sanctity.

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