Sake of the Muse

This Columbus Day weekend I have my parents in town. They are already here as a matter of fact. My life for the next few days is going to be a live reenactment of an episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

Balancing time for family and time for writing is already proving problematic. Today at work, I had a great idea of what I would write about but instead I am hastily jotting this down at the time I would normally be crawling into bed.

I started working on my first topic idea at 7pm. In the three hours that followed, I could not for the life of me stay focused well enough to do justice to my planned topic. Distractions and interruptions have already permeated with my parents presence. Not that this is a bad thing. I honestly expected it. But how do I work out a balance?

My ideas to go forward from here are this: either get away for a short while, maybe an hour or so, at the nearby Starbucks to get something jotted down or ask for one solid hour of no interruptions. Now that I have written it, Starbucks sounds like the more realistic of the two options.

So here I am, having written half of the average amount of words that I have normally writing for these posts. Just when I was starting to get into the swing of things… Proofreading. Who has time for that before clicking publish?


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