For the Love of Mindfulness

utah-dirt-mountains-editI have always felt indignant towards the culture that predominates what we call modern society. I have never fully felt a part of it. As much as I would try to fit in, there has always been a layer of resistance. That resistance, I think, is because of the negative connotations given towards mindfulness.

Modern society is built upon materialistic aspects. We want more, in less time, and in stronger doses. When you start throwing around terms like “mindfulness” or “meditation” the instant bias towards some Eastern hippie fairy-dusting is thought of. These terms are contrary to our so-called “modern” society. The things that we are exposed to we do not really need. Rarely do we fully ponder what exactly we do need or not. We are simply told.

If we were mindful about the things that we buy, the places we go, the media that we watch, we probably would not pay heed to even half of the things we currently do. Witless critics are quick to label it as ignorance. Really it is only a better quality of perception.

Mindfulness debases the profits to be had with a completely docile society. To be mindful is to know the rules of the game.

Those who exercise mindfulness are seen differently. You may have encountered them throughout your daily business. They are the quiet ones. Never saying much, but when they do, their words hit like sledgehammers. They keep to themselves, observing, learning, seeing through the facades. To try and see the deeper meaning of things has never meshed with most people.

I love mindfulness for the control and discipline it gives me over my life. In cycles, I will feel that I am slipping because of the external influences that I am exposed to. Realizing this is more than half the battle. It easily labels the sources of conflict that I face. Sadly, I have not encountered many of those who practice mindfulness regularly.



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