31 Days of Riding


I have been challenged to participate in the 31 Days of Writing for the month of October by a friend. This is actually very opportune as I begin preparing for National Novel Writing Month in November and get back to good writing habits.

Writing and riding are different sides of the same coin for me. It brings peace and contentment each in their own ways. Lately I have let too many things get in the way of that.

My theme for the 31 days will not be changing. My muse will remain the same. I will not be focusing so much on length but rather clear and short statements. Since I do not have the time, I will be choosing the aspects of quantity and quality.

One challenge that I have for myself throughout all of this is to avoid censoring myself. Too often I exercise restraint out of concern of offending someone or that they may disagree with my opinions. I do not intend to be antagonistic however, just honest. If others just so happen to share the same sentiments on my opinions, great. If not, we are each entitled to our own.


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