Confinements of Exploration

Over 95% of the world’s roads are gravel, dirt, or less. More often than not, we are told that the only route to a destination, a place for us to explore, is along a path already laid out by someone else. We are told that everything worth exploring has already been explored, everything else is just unfulfilling or too dangerous.

Exploring the Dirt

To say that the only things worth exploring are those that have already have been is vain and ignorant. It places someone else’s opinions over that of your own and implies that you accept them as truth. It also only emphasizes the end result, the destination, and not the journey to reach or achieve it.

Confining ourselves to these principles of exploration, both physically and mentally, is constraining and unhealthy. We regularly defer to that of another’s experience when they have not even had the experience first-hand themselves. To say that you can only experience something by seeing it is also a misconception.

For the longest while, I have felt confined by the limitations that others have placed around me. Such examples include “…well you can’t do [this] because its unrealistic because [reasons]” or “you can’t do that, what if something happens?” I am still confined in a lot of aspects, but realizing that is the first step towards fixing the issue. The lesson here is to not let another’s views or impressions limit or dictate your own. More often than not, it is those that are closest to you that are doing this and it is always the hardest to tell them no. But it has to begin somewhere…